About Us

Sine Wave Media is a Limited company registered in the United Kingdom and consisting of three Directors, Neil Perriam (Managing), Keith Thompson and Richard Weston (pictured below). 

We are committed to making new film and all our income channels are currently being channel into our inaugural short film, The Burying Party. By purchasing products from our store, you will not only have a quality product but you will have contributed to the production of the definitive film about Wilfred Owen. 

Other films are planned. However we cannot proceed without your help. We do have a crowdfunding page for The Burying Party if you would prefer to contribute directly. Obviously we benefit more from your full contribution, but if you would like one of our carefully selected products, you can rest assured that you will have done your bit!

We are yet to announce our Wilfred Owen but we have now secured the services of Will Burren as Robert Graves, Sally Paffett as Nancy Nicholson, Sid Phoenix as Siegfried Sassoon and none other than Joyce Branagh who will play Wilfred's mother Susan. You can find updates and blog on our website and please add us to your social media on Twitter and Facebook.